‘Carpe Diem’ is the conceptual, experimental non-narrative trilogy, which exhibits the great performance of Li Kehua as a young woman, who wishes to draw attention towards the silent, brave occurrences of nature, by unleashing the unlimited within the wild, the human and herself.

Out of the realm of the unconventional cinema, this film’s classical visuals highlight nature’s brilliant theatrical displays as they defy the laws of the contemporary urban-driven mindset. This is a simple story articulated by dance, which describes a journey of self-exploration through the concepts of unity and interdependence between nature and humanity as they both evolve and intertwine through different forms of their existence.

It reconstructs faith as an exercise of movement, rebirth and exuberance carefully orchestrated, and conveying a transcendent experience of innocence that draws strength and beauty from the unrestrained and the unspecified within the wild.

The trilogy calls us to revive our inner debate around the intangible anthem we recognize as the force of living, and asks us to rise above our habit of holding on to memories and to what is familiar. It emphasizes the dichotomy of being entangled in our own roots versus the need to evolve, to dare and to break the shackles that bind us. We are also reminded of Nature’s perpetual cycle of growth, teaching us that uncertainty and ultimately sorrow can be transformed into a force of hope and belief.

As the trilogy embarks on a continuance of motion and harmony, the visual and musical compositions are elevated due to the careful fusion of timing and dynamics, as if urging us, the viewers, to make the best out of our destined years, to respect nature and to change our ways of interconnecting.


Experimental / Shimon Bokshtein

Dance and Poetry // Li Kehua /李可华
Music // Jacqueline Fay
Video // Shimon Bokshtein

Thanks to: Eldad Menuchin, Adi Halfin, Lea Gadaev Spektor, Kobi Farhi, Robin Grunoval, Mitzlol Recording Studio