Shanti // ANIMAL

I met Shanti during the COVID-19 lockdown, and invited her to do make some art in the desert together. Shanti brought her new song “Animal” and invited me to film a video. We had a great time shooting this video in the desert dunes of Israel.


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Lyrics and composition // Shanti Ashanti and Moran David

Singing Director // Moran David 

Creative Director // Moran David

Music Producer // Ido Brian Rivlin 

Instruments // Ido Brian Rivlin 

Backing Voices // Gal Navaro, Yossef Shimoni, Yonatan Shapira, Gal Wilson, Moran David and Ido Brian Rivlin 

Mix // Brad Smith 

Master // Reuben Ghose 

Music Video Director Editor // Daniel Kaminsky 

Directors of photography // Shimon Bokshtein and Gabriel Volcovich

Producer // Uri Chartarifsky

Makeup & Hair // Ruth Ashanti

Public Relationships // Shlomit Amir