Documentary photography & Cinematic filming

My first passion and my mainstay as an artist is documentary photography, cinematic filming and artistic videography projects. I am always thrilled to collaborate with professional artists and combining different disciplines. As a photographer, I think it is a recipe for unexpected exquisite visual outcomes. In my filming strategy, I have a unique approach – I love to let things just happen. I am not interested in directing the reality but rather prefer to let reality direct itself. It is a great feeling watching a project change shape as it tells a story and creates meaning. I cannot help but consider documentary and cinematic filming as intrinsically aesthetic and, therefore, an art. The way I see it, good photography is all about shots and cuts, structure and rhythm and the more you engage with the project internally, the better the result.

Music videos & Dance films

One of the things that I find most interesting and exciting is multidisciplinary collaborations, where my perspective and vision can contribute to other artists’ work. What I find both challenging and stimulating is to uncover the essence of the art piece, which then allows me to introduce a visual aspect that enhances it.


I film nature, musicians, poets and dancers and am intrigued by landscape, movement and sound. I enjoy the artistic and the non-commercial and try to incorporate this in the projects I do for artists,  brands and businesses. I am proud to say that I am unconventional – every project that I do is an adventure and an opportunity to expand new horizons and meet interesting people that I can learn from.


Making of, Shows, Arts & Events

When I photograph, I aspire to capture the essence and beauty of whatever is situated on the other side of the lens. I make and display imagery that is distinctive and fresh. I specialize in portrait photography but I am more into documenting music shows, artists and events. I offer my clients an authentic and accurate representation of reality flavored with artistic touch. I really enjoy photographing behind-the-scenes scenarios, making-of video productions or any other kind of documented filming.


When I film stills or video, it is important for me to create a visual experience that will uplift the reality. Ultimately, I wish to present the natural, idiosyncratic and the depth and breadth that photography has to offer as an artwork.

Corporate videos

In addition to art videos, I also produce and direct corporate videos, where I can bring an artist’s touch to the video that gets your business’s message across. A good corporate video requires a thorough understanding of the ethos of the business, together with a clear idea to connect to the audience. In order to do this, I will work together with you, from the research stage, conducting preliminary interviews and brainstorming, to create the final corporate video that is perfect for your business.

Couple shooting

As a side-kick, I also do couples shooting in desert landscapes that I love so much. I have all the equipment that is needed and I am familiar with many unique locations for the perfect shoot. I invite you to visit my wedding photography website: